Our contribution towards preserving our healthy habitats.

Our environmental management system

For us, active environmental protection is a strategic task that also makes an important contribution to our long-term economic success. As part of the KAMAX environmental management system, we work with top priority on minimizing the possible ecological consequences of our products and processes and to do more than has been required by legislation up to this point.

Our products themselves are a piece of environmental protection: thanks to the optimized characteristics of our products, vehicle engines and vehicle components can be dimensioned in such a manner that they are smaller and/or lighter. This is our contribution towards reducing mobility-related emissions.

KAMAX environmental standards

Safe compliance with environmental protection laws is a matter of course for us; however, this is in no way sufficient. Our internal rules in some cases go far beyond these requirements. We review our environmental policy on a regular basis and integrate new developments.

Products and processes

We incorporate ecological findings in the optimization of our products and processes, in their further development and in the selection of a raw materials, auxiliary materials, and fuels. We improve energy efficiency throughout the entire enterprise; within the framework of production processes as well as in our administrative areas. We continuously monitor the environmental effects of our locations and, should there be a necessity, we take measures using the best, available technology. We act with foresight, since prevention is better than follow-up care.

Promotion and motivation

Conscientious action is the basis of active environmental protection. Each employee is co-responsible in his work environment for the conduct associated with protecting the environment and protecting health; each manager is obligated to exemplify and support the awareness of this responsibility. Through training courses, information, and incorporation and process designs, we actively promote the education of environmental awareness of our employees on all levels.

Conduct in the event of an emergency and averting danger

Together with experts and government agencies, we have developed detailed alarm and hazard prevention plans that are tailored to the conditions of the respective locations. Through regular formal instruction as well as emergency drills, we ensure that all employees are familiar with these plans and that the effectiveness of these plans is tested on a continuous basis.

Effectiveness test

In regular audits and through other clearly defined measures, we evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of our environmental management system and of all environmental aspects that are associated with our activity. Management determines the required corrective measures as well as new objectives for improving our environmental performance in regular management reviews.


We are transparent. We regularly inform our customers and the interested public of the measures that we sustainably employ for the environment and of their results.